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Lesson 6


“Comment on fait pour aller…?”

apprendre enseignerIn this lesson you will learn:

  •   Functions:
Asking one’s way : giving advice or instructions
Advising someone with “devoir” i.e. should/must
  •   Grammar
Expression of obligation with “ devoir” i.e.   must
Adverb “y” used for “ there”
Adverbs of frequency
  •   Conjugation
Triple-stemmed verb “prendre” i.e. to take
Triple-stemmed modal verb “ devoir” i.e. must
  •   Vocabulary
Names of places
Means of transport
Giving directions
  •   Culture


Click on the following link  to download the PDF of lesson 6: Leçon 6 IPSTC French course

écouter de la musique Audio




  • Edith Piaf sings Sous le Ciel de Paris
  • Duet Soud Massi & Marc Lavoine: Paris

More help from the webje travaille

exerciceinteractifInteractive exercise: Demander son itinéraire : sur Estudio de Francés

“Chansons sur Paris” (wikipedia) : check here how many songs about Paris have been written

Have a look at these wonderful pictures of Paris on the Blog Paris et Vous




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