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Lesson 3


Tu es libre dimanche à 10 heures?

apprendre enseignerIn this lesson you will learn:

  • Functions :
How to make an appointment
How to ask the time
How to ask what somebody is doing ( see gerund)
  • Grammar : 
‘On” the impersonal pronoun
The demonstrative article: “ ce, cette, ces”
  • Vocabulary:
Days of the week
Telling the time: on the hour
  • Culture:
The impressionist stream of painters: working on daylight


Click on the following link to download : Leçon 3 IPSTC French course

écouter de la musiqueAudio

Leçon 3-1

Leçon 3-2

Leçon 3-3

Leçon 3-4





« Tu es libre dimanche ? »

Les jours de la semaine

« Il est quelle heure ? »

les loisirs

je travailleExtra help on the web

A song to help you remember   the numbers 1-10 Numbers A song to help remember the  days of the week The days of the week


exerciceinteractifInteractive exercises

Demonstrative articles

Numbers from 1- 10 a lovely game!

Hours with Alex et Zoé



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